Agile Samurai Bootcamp

Everything you need to kickstart, execute, and deliver your own Agile project.

Course Outline

Agile In a Nutshell

This section will give you the clarity and insight necessary to adapt the Agile mindset and clearly explain Agile to others.

Agile Teams

What makes the Agile team tick. Characteristics of good Agile teams. And how to find quality players.

User Stories

In this session we break down what user stories are, how they work, what effective user stories look like for your project, and how to host great story gathering work shops.


By learning how to estimate the Agile way, you’ll stop trying to get something your up-front estimates can’t give (precision and accuracy) and instead focus on what really matters—building a plan you and your customer can believe in.


In this session, you’re going to learn how to create plans you can believe in and follow through on commitments you and your team make.

Iteration Mechanics

This session shows teams how to set the iterations up for success, breaks down what actually occurs during an iteration, and how to setup an agile communication plan for you and your team.

Visible Workspaces

By learning how to create a visual workspace, you and the team will never be at a loss for what to do next or where you can add the greatest value.


Agile doesn’t work on planning alone. That would be wishful thinking. Only by applying these core software engineering practices can you reduce the time it takes to test, ensure your system is always production ready, and make changes at speed.

Designed for those new to Agile, this course gives students everything they need to get up to speed quickly on working the Agile way. Based on the book, The Agile Samurai, this course shows you:

  • What Agile is.
  • How it works.
  • Which Agile method is right for me?
  • Your role on an Agile project?
  • What makes a good User Story?
  • How does Agile estimation work?
  • How to build your very first Agile plan.
  • What goes on during an iteration?
  • Building effective teams.
  • How to create a visible workspace?
  • Software Engineering 101.

Whether you are a programmer, business analyst, tester, UX designer, or Project Manager, this course gives you the fundamentals to start contributing on day one.

Check out these sample videos, then head on over to Udemy (where this course is hosted) to register there.

Sample videos

Agile In a Nutshell - Agile Myths

Agile Teams - How Different

User stories - Challenges with Documentation

Estimation - The Fine Art of Guessing