Episode #9     Nov 20, 2016    

The Testing Pyramid

Struggling with alignment? Can't seem to get everyone on the same page? Check out the testing pyramid and see if it can't help come up with the vocabulary and framework to align you and your team's test automation efforts. 8 minutes | Views 61126
Agile myths titlepage
Episode #8     Jan 20, 2014    

Agile Myths

Heard some scary stuff about Agile? Be at ease as we put those dragons to rest by debunking some common Agile myths. 4 minutes | Views 9647
Project status report titlepage1
Episode #7     Sep 25, 2013    

Project Status Reports

Don't let them think this is your first rodeo. Show up looking like a pro with this shiny new project status report specifically created for Agile projects. 20 minutes
Burndown titlepage1
Episode #6     Jun 25, 2013    

Burndown Charts

With a good burndown you can show how fast you going, how much work is remaining, and when you expect to be done. It's the one chart no Agile project should go without, and a key tool in any Agilista workbench. 3 minutes | Views 21932
Iteration mechanics titlepage1
Episode #5     Jun 22, 2013    

Iteration Mechanics

Iteration mechanics are how Agile teams get things done on project. In this episode I show you what goes on during an iteration, what three activities are essential, and how to set your iterations up for success before you begin. 6 minutes | Views 22686
Agile planning titlepage
Episode #4     Jun 19, 2013    


No plan survives contact with the enemy and Agile plans are no exception. In this episode I will show you how to build your first Agile plan, as well as how Agile planning works. 6 minutes | Views 15228
Estimation titlepage
Episode #3     May 29, 2013    


Estimation forms the corner stone of Agile planning. In this episode I show you how to size your stories, estimate as a team, and set your project for it's first Agile plan. Beware the saber-tooth tiger! 7 minutes | Views 42292
Enter the userstory2
Episode #2     May 18, 2013    

Enter The User Story

Agile User Stories form the basis of every Agile plan. In this episode I show you what User Stories are, characteristics of good ones, and how to go about collecting them for your project. 6 minutes | Views 45150
Agile nutshell titlepage
Episode #1     Apr 22, 2013    

Agile In a Nutshell

This brief intro shows people how they are already Agile, while highlighting some differences between Agile and Waterfall. 6 minutes | Views 30690